“Master Kim and his staff are fantastic! Every instructor there is at least a black belt and dedicated to this art and to Master Kim’s leadership. Our girls are not only learning how to kick and punch but more importantly, how to respect their parents, their Masters, their peers, and themselves. Respect is not really taught anywhere else at this level in school or other sports-related classes. They are also learning a different culture and language (Korean). Master Kim’s accent, at first I thought was a hindrance, is actually great for students to understand how to communicate with people from a different part of the world, another super valuable skill set for life. Lastly I love how attentive Master Kim is to our asks and suggestions. I hope our girls will continue this journey and I highly recommend you consider bringing your family here as well.”

Bob Chen

“Master Kim’s Taekwondo provides a positive environment for adults and children to learn about self-discipline and self-control while picking up valuable lessons regarding physical fitness. As a family of 5, not only have we individually achieved a deeper sense of self-confidence and focus, our familial bond has grown stronger since we chose to practice Taekwondo together.  Master Kim leads his students with patience, intellectual integrity, and honesty allowing each student to develop and cultivate their practice in a manner and time unique to each student.”

Carolyn Jackson

As a school teacher and mother of 2 girls,  my life goal is to help raise better humans, with the strength and capacity to make our world a better place. For me, this dream was made possible 6 years ago, when my daughters & I began our taekwondo training with Master Kim.

Laura Boulton